James Van DellenHello friend, thanks for visiting. My name is James Van Dellen, and since 2006 I’ve written and maintained the site FutureGringo – a Denver based travel blog devoted to travel, adventure, aviation, restaurants, and places in my home of Colorado and beyond.

The primary focus is on personal travel stories, with an emphasis on short term travel for now (think an extended “Three Perfect Days”), with reviews and recommendations on unique (or not so unique) places I’ve visited. Also included is Denver info, Colorado travel, and commentary on various topics.

Some articles and updates are sporadic depending on schedule.  Feel free to search various categories for extensive articles!

This interview from Happy Hotelier has some detail on my favorite places I’ve visited.  The “Best Of” page has some popular articles from the past.

Various articles and photos have been featured in the New York Post, Getty Images, Denver Post “Tech Bytes“.