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Airfare Hack . Europe Edition

Heading to Berlin, Amsterdam, or Paris?  Unfortunately prices haven’t fallen this fall like they have in the past.   However, flying to a “gateway city” and taking an inter-Europe flight to your actual destination is a simple way to save, and see a second city.

En route to Berlin?  Airfare from Denver, my hometown, is $1183:





However, fly to Copenhagen on Air Canada and the price drops to $775.



An hour flight to Berlin on easyjet is $120, or book the train, and you’re in Berlin for hundreds of dollars less.


Flights to Amsterdam from Denver and other points mid-US are  $1,070 plus.   But if you fly to Oslo it’s $687.  $200 cheaper!



Hang out in Oslo til the sun sets and a quick KLM from Oslo to Amsterdam is $183,  a $200 savings.


Give yourself ample time to transfer, since your flights are booked separate you won’t be protected if you’re late or delayed on the first one, even if on the same airline.




The Turtles of Madrid’s Atoche Station

Turtles Atoche 2If airports created a turtle habitat, or added a similar natural element inside of their terminals perhaps travelers would be far less stressed between their endless misery, real or perceived.

This turtle farm is located at Madrid’s Atoche Railway Station. It’s housed in the center of the old arched station which is now the main terminal as the tracks have been moved to a larger area further out.

It’s bright, beautiful, and green, and a perfect place to await a train or take the kids after dragging them around the Prado.

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