Keeping your Pets Healthy With A Good Veterinarian

What is a pet wellness exam?  

pet wellness exam is simple an overall checkup of your pet which ensures the wellbeing of the animal. These are usually carried out in a Kyle animal hospitals and veterinary clinics. It is a regular checkup where you take your little bundle of fur to the vet’s clinic just to make sure that they are doing just as well as you want. Your Kyle vet then does a complete physical examination and also runs some standard tests that will diagnose anything out of ordinary. Pet wellness exams in Buda Texas  should be carried out every 6 months, especially if your pet has a chronic disease.  

The Procedure 

First and foremost, the owner is asked to fill out a preliminary checklist and the complete medical history if the pet is taken. Owners are asked to narrate any out of the ordinary behavior that might relate to a possible disease or sickness. Here you might also want to ask the Kyle veterinarian any questions that you have regarding your pet. You should prepare a checklist beforehand in case you forget about your queries. 

The veterinarian, after answering all your questions and completing their medical records will proceed to the physical examination. This includes an in-depth inspection to find out any abnormalities. The doctor will use equipment such as the stethoscope, otoscope for the ears and ophthalmoscope for the examination of eyes. The animals’ temperature, pulse, and respiration are also checked. The veterinarian will also check the animal’s gait and also check the skin or fur for any bumps or rashes.  

The veterinarian will also run some simple tests on your pet. This includes blood, urine and stool tests. These tests are necessary if your pet has digestion issues or suffers from problems such as anemia. Depending on the history of the pet, tests such as a thyroid examination and urea tests are also done. Stool tests are done to make sure that the pet doesn’t suffer from a parasite. But the problem here may arise that this testing cannot be done on site and the samples have to be sent to laboratories for inspection. But these tests yield an in-depth result that will tell you if your pet is suffering through anything.  

In the end, depending on your pet’s condition and health issues that might be discovered, the veterinarian will give you a set of instructions to follow for the future. The doctor may also prescribe certain medications for the pet.  

Why should you go for a pet wellness exam?  

Your pets are unable to voice their pain. They are unable to tell you that they might not be feeling well. A wellness exam is extremely important for these creatures to make sure that they live a long and healthy life. It is also an important preventive measure as it detects changes in physiology very early on. Diseases in their earliest stages are detected this way. To schedule a pet wellness exam, contact Dr. Stephanie Murphree at Republic Veterinary Hospital at (512) 269-0738. 

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