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Marnixkade Canalview . Amsterdam

I attribute my wonderful first experience in Amsterdam partly to the staff of the Marnikade Canalview Apartments. The other part would have to be the sensory overload of bikes, beautiful canals, old tipsy buildings and walking the streets and alleys of the compact city. Exploring it all was defintely a wonderful albiet exhausting experience, but I like to take in and do absolutely as much as possible when visiting a new city, even if it means major fatigue and a visit to the chiropractor upon arriving home.

I found the Marnixkade Canalview after a few days of haphazardly hunting around online for a place to reside during two weeks in Amsterdam. I researched the basic areas of town and was intent on finding a place in a more neighborhoody environment rather than the central tourist area or red light district. I was in the city solo for a four days before my best friend Lili flew in to meet me.

Based on the excellent reviews and email exchanges I chose the Marnixkade Canalview.  There are just two apartments in a typical looking four story building. Each apartment has a living room, separate bedroom, with full kitchen and washer/dryer.  I cooked dinner at home the first few nights there (being by myself,) so the nice kitchen was a plus to cook in during those rainy evenings.  The most notable feature is the beautiful view of the canal between Marnixkade and Nassaukade from the wide living room windows.

If you strive to “live like a local” when visiting a city, the Joordan district of Amsterdam is a prime location. Around the corner is Westerstraat, a larger retail street with grocery stores, clothing boutiques, and restaurants. The folks at Videoland were nice enough to set me up with a membership. (Another reason to return.)

The Marnixkade’s location is about a five minute bike ride to the city center. However you could spend an entire day in the Joordan alone. Home to the Ann Frank House and Westerkirk (church,) along with intricate mazes of smaller streets, (watch out for bikes and scooters!) From this location its easy to follow the semi circular path of the canals to access other parts of town too, while avoiding the busy streets.

The Marnixkade is run by Bruce and Eelko. Bruce is an expat from the U.S., and his Dutch partner Eelco have lived in the house for about 15 years. Allen, a student from South Africa manages the day to day duties, and has a really cool accent too. Upon arrival I found a kitchen stocked with meats, cheeses, breads and miscellaneous Dutch treats including those cookies with the caramel in the middle.

If you’re looking for a temporary home in Amsterdam, I can’t say enough wonderful things about Bruce, Eelco, Allen, and the Marnixkade. More info on their site at www.marnixkade.com.