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Off To Florida

So I’m off to Tampa to visit a relative who lives down there.   Damn right she’s special if I’m actually flying to Central Florida with a hurricane about to play pinball in the Gulf of Mexico.

Here’s a wrap up of my last trip.

Currently I’m sitting at DIA.  i arrived three hours early expecting hordes of departing DNC delegates and visitors. However there are no security lines, and my flight’s delayed an hour.  I’m wondering if a lot of visitors are planning to enjoy the long weekend here or head up to the mountains. Or with such a perfect week weather-wise they’ve decided to simply stay in Colorado permanently.

One thing I didn’t get to do during the Democratic National Convention this week was just bike downtown and people watch, and take some photos of protesters, volunteers, picketers, and other folks engaging in the wonderful free speech process.  However Kitt’s blog has a plethora of people enjoying Denver and making their voices heard.  Check it out.

In the meantime I’ll be scoping out my evacuation routes…