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The Loose Cannons

I’ve been listening and rapidly downloading music from The Loose Cannons, an electronica group based in Cannonia, U.K. Headed by DJs Kaiser Saucy and “Lord Fader,” the duo blends irreverent lyrics with thumping bass lines and tight sampled edits. They’ve been compared to Daft Punk, but less sterile, and much more cheeky to use a word found in many reviews.

Their current album “El Fuerte” features bass laden tracks such as “Girls In Hats,” and the funky 70s sounding “Raw.” They’re popularity as soared as of late due to their club hit “Superstar,” which is being played across the UK and on one of my favorite internet stations, the Buenos Aires based beatbox.fm

Their music, photos, and tour dates (mainly in the UK) are at myspace.com/theloosecannonsuk  You can also listen to their Janet Jackson remix of “What Have You Done for me Lately” at urbanamplified.com And should you be visiting the London’s Oxford Street Urban Outfitter This Thursday the 15th you’ll find them playing live at 6pm.

And below – their song “Superstar”