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Do Denim

I found this brand of clothing while in San Francisco at Injeanious, a store that primarily sells mens t-shirts and underwear. They stock a selection of jeans and T-shirts by Do Denim, which in my opinion deserves their own exclusive retail outlet in a major city.

Their urban T-shirts and jeans feature large mostly non-angular graphics and designs. Some of their T-shirts have a worn look, and the pocket designs on their jeans are stylish and unique. I purchased a shirt with dark graphics and a Harley style font, complete with rusted looking beads. (Don’t think the BeDazzler.)

I like their stuff, but the site would greatly benefit from displaying a few merchants.  Or engaging in some online sales.  I have no idea who else carries them and where, and would be happy to plug their gear if I knew where to find them.

Their total selection is online at DoDenim.com