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Shish Kabob Grill . Denver

If you only visit Shish Kabob Grill to have a few cups of Turkish coffee that’s reason enough to stop into this centrally located Denver establishment. Located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, they’re directly across the street from the Colorado State Capitol. An experienced family runs the kitchen and oversees excellent service. The decor featuring muted yellows and reds is mellow and relaxed, and you’ll see patrons ranging from state senators to college kids.

A blend of Syrian, Greek, and Turkish food, these dishes are ample and filling. As expected there’s a wide selection of gyros, and entrees featuring lamb and beef. My favorite dish is actually the yogurt soup appetizer, a flavorful mix of cucumbers and seasoned yogurt.

If you need to wire yourself up for a night on the town try the Turkish coffee. You’ll initially be surprised at the miniature doll size cup, (by U.S. standards,) but receive a small pot which keeps it hot for subsequent cups.  It’s strong and bitter, so add some sugar.

They at 1503 Grant Street / Grant and Colfax Menu at shishkabobgrill.com